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About Me

Lessons in person or via the Internet will help you to reach your goals on the trumpet


I am a life-long student of William Adam.  Because I've had my own challenges as a player, I have a sense for how to help others play with greater freedom and ownership.  For lessons via Skype, all you need is a computer/internet connection and a decent mic.  Trumpet playing is far more rewarding when things are working properly. 

I have BM, MM, and DMA degrees, play Principal Trumpet in the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, and I also do a lot of lead and other commercial work. 

At the University of Oklahoma, I am a Presidential Professor of Excellence in the Arts, now in my 20th year.

My students play very well  - they have won many competitions and all have good jobs.  If you would like to learn how we do it, give me a call.. 

We can help with performance anxiety


There is always a solution for sound-production issues